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I was so nervous, but I found the one.

I had been single and deeply unhappy for years so I plucked up the courage to subscribe to Pink Cupid. I was on the site for approximately three weeks before I received a message off the girl of my dreams. The second we started messaging I knew I had found someone special. We moved on to phone calls within a week and could not stop talking. We would talk for hours every day and we could not get enough of each other. After several frustrating weeks so far apart I asked her to come and stay with me for a while so she travelled for three hours by train. I am autistic so I have problems with putting myself out there and socialising and when I stood there waiting for her to arrive I was unbelievably nervous. I saw the taxi pull up and recognised her immediately. We kissed, hugged, everything fell in to place and our first date lasted ten amazing days!! We fitted like a glove and I knew that she was the one. One month later I had made the long awaited move to a different country and we weren't apart any more. It's been four months since that first message and now we're head over heels in love and planning our first Yule together. I subscribed to a few dating sites but I found my match on Pink Cupid. Thank you so much xxx 

I met an amazing woman on Pink Cupid

I met an amazing woman on Pink Cupid We met in a local bar. First site.

I recommend it!

We msg on here then swapped numbers. Got on straight away. I was instantly attracted to her. Met halfway, I was so nervous. She was more beautiful in person than on her pics. Haven't even looked at another woman since. I'm in love Friend recommended it

I met this beautiful girl

I met this beautiful girl �� in a mysterious way through someone else but it was the best way to meet someone cause she is sooo perfect I ask her out on New Year’s Eve and her and her kids came to see and stay with me for just over 2weeks Someone told me about it

We wrote each other from the site and she wanted to meet the same night.

We wrote each other from the site and she wanted to meet the same night. We cuddled the first night we met. We started to see each other more and more and we had so much in common and we hit it off. Now we just completed four months together We went to the movies and watched Oceans 8 and after the movie we shared a meal from Jack in the box. She said the site popped up and she wanted to try it. I got on to find my better half and i did. 

A few messages. We clicked so met for a date.

A few messages. We clicked so met for a date. Exciting felt good at 1st sight. Went on to have 4 more dates close together. Enjoyed every moment of our time and getting to know each other. For ladies only. Easy to search & communicate with members